About BCHC

501c3 Brunswick County Homeless Coalition (BCHC) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit composed of a group of volunteers from faith based ministries, not for profit organizations, local agencies and concerned citizens coming together for the greater good of Brunswick County's homeless and in need population.

If you have a passion to help those in need and the time and talent to support BCHC please join us and help us help the underserved of Brunswick County.

Your prayers, your compassion, and your donations are greatly appreciated and needed.

Mission Statement

BCHC’s mission is to serve as an advocate for people who are homeless and those in need by increasing awareness and education of issues, and by providing resources to meet these needs.


BCHC’s vision is making homelessness in Brunswick County, NC rare, brief, and non-recurring.

Officers and Board Members

John Callaghan
Board Member

Rita Canfield
Board Member

Betsy Duarte
Vice President
Board Member

Jay Boulter
Board Member

Vikki Hine
Board Member

Joe Staton
Board Member

Paul Witmer
Board Member

Committees and Leaders

1-888 Calls Committee: Betsy Duarte
Shelter Committee: Paul Witmer
Outreach Committee: Rita Canfield, Betsy Duarte
Publicity Committee: Joe Staton, John Callaghan
Veterans Committee: Paul Witmer
Membership Secretary: John Callaghan
Grant Committee: Open Position - Volunteer to fill this position...
Volunteer Coordinator: Open Position - Volunteer to fill this position...


  • Educate Brunswick County about the homeless and those who are at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Coalition ambassadors program.
  • Host the Hunger and Homeless Banquet each November. Educate and assist those at risk for homelessness.
  • Provide emergency assistance and information 1-888-519-5362 calls.
  • Provide mentoring programs for those in need.
  • Continue to partner with other nonprofit organizations
  • Advocate for affordable housing in Brunswick county.
  • Partner with other nonprofit organizations to advocate for a public transportation system for individuals and families in Brunswick County.
  • Increase awareness in Brunswick County of the mission and vision of BCHC.
  • Increase the volunteer base with needed skills to strengthen BCHC.