BCHC Volunteers Spread the Word

BCHC Volunteers Spread the Word

As part of the BCHC mission to raise awareness, Silvia Wiesensee and Mark Filipovic represent the Coalition at Oak Island Family Fun Day on Sept. 29th, 2012. (Photo: BCHC)



At the October 2012 meeting, BCHC’s youngest member, Emily Marlowe, presents her school project on the needs of the homeless. (Photo: BCHC)



Barbara Serafin, Ro Schwenk, Rita Canfield, and Lynn Yencik represent BCHC at the Stewardship Fair held at St. Brendan Church on Sept. 29th adn 30th, 2012. (Photo: BCHC)


Originally published by the Brunswick County Homeless Coalition in the “Currents” newsletter, Fall 2012 (Vol. 1, No. 3) edited by Kitty Kesler and published by Susie Kubley.

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