According to information supplied by Commissioner Frank Williams, Brunswick Family Assistance will serve as primary point of contact for groups and individuals wishing to help with storm recovery in Brunswick County.

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Quoting Commissioner Williams’ web site:

“Numerous organizations and individuals have inquired about how they can help Brunswick County residents impacted by Hurricane Florence. It is important that volunteer efforts be organized and coordinated to ensure that they help those in need, and it is important that donations be made to legitimate organizations.

“Brunswick Family Assistance will be the primary point of contact for those wishing to help.

“Individuals/Groups: If you or your group would like to provide assistance, please contact BFA at 910-754-4766 or Donating goods: If you would like to donate goods, please contact BFA at 910-754-4766 or to ensure that the goods being donated meet citizens’ needs. Donating financially: If you would like to contribute financially, please visit BFA’s website.”

Updated Mon Sep 24 2018 to indicate meeting location

Friends & Neighbors,

I hope that you are safe and comfortable after the storm that we’ve just experienced. If not, you can find information on our website at about ways to find assistance.

Because of storm preparation and evacuation related to Hurricane Florence, Brunswick County Homeless Coalition was not able to hold its monthly September meeting as it was scheduled. BCHC Meetings usually occur on the second Tuesday of the month.

The Brunswick County Homeless Coalition will hold our rescheduled September 2018 meeting at 5:30pm on Tuesday, September 25.

PLEASE NOTE: The venue for the meeting is not yet set. We are unable to confirm space at BSRI (our usual meeting location) because they are closed due to the storm until this coming Monday. As soon as we know where the meeting will be held, we will let everyone know. For now, please save the date.

UPDATE: The venue for the meeting will be the BSRI Brunswick Center at Shallotte, 3620 Express Dr., Shallotte, NC (our usual meeting location thanks to the kindness of BSRI). Please feel free to bring water or a drink to the meeting.

You may contact me as always with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. If you are a member of BCHC, please let me know whether you will be able to attend the meeting.


Joe Staton

Brunswick County Homeless Coalition
Publicity Committee
Mobile: (843) 474-1821